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A great bespoke garment is like a work of art that requires the finest materials, and in this case, the fabric used in creating the masterpiece.  We also understand that bespoke garments must have the perfect fit, style, craftsmanship and the right fabric the wearer truly deserves, allowing them to stand out among others.  Our bespoke and made-to-measure garments are assembled from a selection of over 2,000 different materials, so you’ll be guaranteed to end up with a garment that is uniquely your own. 

We are proud to carry cloths from Holland and Sherry, etc, and offer a full range of tailoring fabrics include all weaves, patterns, colors and natural blends suitable for all occasions, climates,  and purposes, while offering a full range of fabrics that include Cotton, wool, Silk, and Linen.

 A bespoke tailored suit or garment is useless if the quality of the fabric is compromised. Getting the right fabric is essential in getting the perfect garment.

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Here let's highlight some of the add-ons we have available for our clients. We can break these out to manufactures if we like.



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